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Rubbish Removal Prices

The price you pay to clear junk and rubbish is used to cover the cost of labour to load and remove junk as well as the cost for our tipping partner to dispose and recycle waste.

How We Charge

All Your Junk charges either by volume or weight of items removed. You will be charged according to weight only for high density loads such as bricks, concrete, earth or metal. Very light loads in high volume can be charged at a reduced rate.

As per government regulations the cost of disposing some items cost more than other items depending on the method needed for recycyling. However, we will inform you if any item require specialised recycling and the cost implications attached.

Payment Methods

We accept payment by card and cash as well as cheque by prior arrangement. We provide receipts and invoices for all transactions. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards.

Payment Options

We have included a table of items that incur any additional charges below, please note: We do not take hazardous waste.


Two Man Team with all labour included and 2 Hour Arrival Window

Load Size Cubic
Weight Labour
Price Ex. VAT Price Inc. VAT
Min 1 0.75 100 kg 10 minutes £50.00 £60.00
1/8 1.8 1.38 150 kg 15 minutes £79.17 £95.00
1/4 3.75 2.87 375 kg 30 minutes £116.67 £140.00
1/3 5 3.82 500 kg 45 minutes £150.00 £180.00
1/2 7.5 5.73 750 kg 60 minutes £179.17 £215.00
2/3 10 7.65 1000 kg 75 minutes £208.33 £250.00
3/4 11.25 8.60 1125 kg 90 minutes £241.67 £290.00
7/8 13.12 10 1350 kg 105 minutes £275.00 330.00
Full 15 11.47 1500 kg 120 minutes £291.67 £350.00

Additional Charges Per Item

Our additional charges are based on what is costs us to recycle those items so we pass them on as a result.

Listed ItemsPrice Ex. VATPrice Inc. VAT
Appliances and Electrical GoodsFREE
Small Domestic Fridges £50.00 £60.00
Large Domestic Fridges £83.33 £100.00
American Style Domestic Fridges £133.33 £160.00
Commercial Fridges £150.00 £180.00
T.V's & Computer Monitors£8.33£10.00
Car Tyres and Motorbike Tyres £8.33 £10.00
Truck Tyres and Tractor Tyres£62.50£75.00
Fire Extinguishers & Calor Gas Bottles £16.67 £20.00
Single & Double Bed Mattresses £20.83£25.00
Fluorescent Tubes£0.42£0.50
Car Batteries & UPS Batteries £8.33 £10.00
Parking and Parking Fines As incurred
Surplus Labour Per Hour with 2 Men £50.00 £60.00
Bagging Of Excessive Rubbish Per Bag£1.00£1.20
Quick Sweep And Tidy UpFREE

Supplementary Charges

  • Hard core is charged at £133.34 per ton ex vat (min 500kgs at £67)
  • Bagging rubble / rubbish £1 per bag
  • Congestion charge £13.80 including VAT if your address is within the zone


When choosing a company to recycle and remove your rubbish be sure to make note of volume sizes advertised. We purposely built our tippers bigger than our competition to give you better value for money. Call us for a quick no obligation free quote.

Skip Hire Alternative

Our tippers are twice the size of standard domestic skip making it cheaper, and easier to hire us than it is to hire a skip. Standard domestic skips hold only 6 cubic yards (less than half of on of our tippers). Our tippers are equivalent to more than double a standard domestic skip (i.e. 15 cubic yards). Find out more about our Skip Hire Alternative service.

Rubbish Removal Services

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Just wanted to say thank you to the team that came out today. they did a fantastic job, quick and efficient. Please extend my thanks to them for me. a couple of great blokes... Dani

What a splendid service you provide. Your guys turned up exactly on time and, after a quick assessment, carried out the very dirty job of clearing my loft... Chris Emmet

Hope you can fit us in - understand you did a great job for our friend (Paul Davies) helping clear rubbish off an island... Diana

Thanks for making our job much easier. Quick and always willing to help... Drew, Kensington Design and Construction

Thanks for doing such a fantastic job - quick, on time, reasonable price, friendly and best of all at a time which suited me... Lauren Smith

Just a quick note to say the boys did a great job yesterday. Very efficient... David Pudney

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