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Computing and Electrical Appliances Responsible Recycling

All Your Junk Ltd. sources the best ways to recycle electrical appliances, gadgets, electronic equipment and computing equipment. We pride ourselves in diverting all such items from landfill. In every electrical product there are numerous materials that have to be recycled and that's why All Your Junk and its partners make sure all these materials are separated and recycled correctly.

Clearance & recycling of Computer / Electrical Appliances

Take a fridge for example:- There are Plastics, Copper, Polyurethane, Aluminium, PVC, Glass, Refrigerant, Steel to mention a few. These all need to separated and recycled to be used in other products.

A computer is another good item to make an example of. They contain plastic, copper, Iron, silver, zinc, nickle, tin, gold, cadmium, lead, bromine etc. There are a lot of great materials in these products that have great recycle qualities and simply can't get discarded irresponsibly. Not to mention harmful materials that can be an environmental disaster in large scale.


Our Commitment to Responsible Recycling

All Your Junk Ltd strives to get any type of electrical product to the correct recycling facility to get the most out of it. This means you can be sure what was taken from your Office or home is dealt with correctly and in a responsible manner.

When you look around you in your office or home, you will see an abundance of electrical and electronic devices, products and equipment. You have to make sure all of it is recycled when it comes to the end of its life.

Call AYJ to do this responsibly for you.

Electrical and Compter Appliances
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Just wanted to say thank you to the team that came out today. they did a fantastic job, quick and efficient. Please extend my thanks to them for me. a couple of great blokes... Dani

What a splendid service you provide. Your guys turned up exactly on time and, after a quick assessment, carried out the very dirty job of clearing my loft... Chris Emmet

Hope you can fit us in - understand you did a great job for our friend (Paul Davies) helping clear rubbish off an island... Diana

Thanks for making our job much easier. Quick and always willing to help... Drew, Kensington Design and Construction

Thanks for doing such a fantastic job - quick, on time, reasonable price, friendly and best of all at a time which suited me... Lauren Smith

Just a quick note to say the boys did a great job yesterday. Very efficient... David Pudney

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