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Cellar Rubbish Removal

Everyone knows what a dreadful task it is to clear out the cellar of old junk and rubbish. From all the creepy crawlies to the damp, it can be a tedious task. The items that were placed down there were put down there for storing untill you would use it again but in hind sight, it is normally where they go to gather dust and be forgotten.

Why clear out your Cellar?

You may unwittingly bring in woodworm, vermin, or give a good housing arrangement for spiders and the likes. Fire hazards are also a real concern. A clear cellar is always going to be an ideal situation.

Cellar Clearances are quick and efficient

The team would have done an exact price once they have accessed the scope of work and get to it as quick as possible. That task of clearing your basement or cellar doesn’t need to be hard at all anymore. All it takes is a call to us at All Your Junk Ltd.

What we remove?

Generally it is a simple matter of going down and carrying out the rubbish.

We take just about anything that will be found in most Cellars. As long as it is not classed as toxic or dangerous we will clear it for you.

Some items we wouldn’t take are paints, asbestos’s, vermin, old batteries and anything that could be considered dangerous to remove. They are all earmarked on the on site quote and an agreement would be reached before any work is carried out.

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5 Star Rating

Just wanted to say thank you to the team that came out today. they did a fantastic job, quick and efficient. Please extend my thanks to them for me. a couple of great blokes... Dani

What a splendid service you provide. Your guys turned up exactly on time and, after a quick assessment, carried out the very dirty job of clearing my loft... Chris Emmet

Hope you can fit us in - understand you did a great job for our friend (Paul Davies) helping clear rubbish off an island... Diana

Thanks for making our job much easier. Quick and always willing to help... Drew, Kensington Design and Construction

Thanks for doing such a fantastic job - quick, on time, reasonable price, friendly and best of all at a time which suited me... Lauren Smith

Just a quick note to say the boys did a great job yesterday. Very efficient... David Pudney

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