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Summertime and the Environment

Summer is on the way:

As we approach the hottest time of the year it's best to start thinking of ways we can help the environment. Spending time relaxing in pools or outdoors is all well, however it's vital that we consider ways of making the environment better for everyone by ridding what we can of junk. It's easy to accumulate unwanted items over time and what's worse, around summertime our minds are more focused on enjoying the weather that England so rarely gets, as opposed to clearing out the junk.

Our sole motto here at All Your Junk is to help minimise junk and waste by helping rid the environment of what it no longer needs. We've compiled a list of some useful ways you can get rid of your junk and enjoy the summer. Let's make a pledge together with these tips:

Let’s start in your garden:

Summer is the perfect time for having as many BBQ's as possible (who doesn't love some grilled food). Perhaps you are in need of an upgraded BBQ. Like many, we hold on to old and rusty grills that are due an upgrade. Perhaps you want to throw a BBQ away but have no room to do so due to the junk accumulated in your garden. Let us help you prepare by trimming your grass or hedges if needed. No job is too small for us and we can ensure your garden will be in tip top condition. Many people also tend to send their junk away through a bonfire which does not benefit the environment. Let us dispose of it in the right way.

It's important to always consider this, as grass or waste may be reusable for increasing soil fertility amongst other things.

Planning a road trip:

When going on road trips, we tend to buy and spend alot on unnecessary items. As a part of your road trip preparations, try to replace the existing equipment with reusable materials; for example: reusable containers to carry snacks or food, similarly avoid purchasing bottled water and pack reusable water bottles. It's always good to take a few bags with you to collect the recyclables in your car. Keep an eye out for recycling bins in order to deposit the collected waste.

Beach time :

Swimming can be one of most fun and relaxing things to do during summer time. This can be even more fun with water toys and accesories. Sadly when we approach the end of summer, these toys either end up somewhere lost in the garden or thrown away. We urge you to recycle these items as there are tons of alternative uses for the materials.

Picnic spots:

Ever tried throwing a picnic? Things can get messy very fast and easily. When planning one, try and arrange a recycling bin at the picnic spot with clear instructions on; for everyone to follow. It's environmentally friendly to offer your guests reusable forks and knives. The aim here is to result in zero wastage.

You might be wondering if these little initiatives can really bring out a change? These same things on a large scale can bring a huge impact on the environment.