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Out with the old, in with the new

Now is a great time to de-clutter garden and prepare it for the coming spring. Unfortunately, this can often seem like a mammoth and unending task; and that's where All Your Junk comes in. With over 8 years of experience as a leading London-based junk removal team, we are the perfect company to help get rid of your unwanted rubbish!

Winter is finally here and with the cold the majority of UK gardens are left to ruin.

Surrey Approved Standards

As the Surrey Standard approved in Partnership with Checkatrade, and licensed by the Environmental Agency, you can be sure that our friendly team are the number one choice for junk removal and recycling. Don't hesitate; call All Your Junk on 0800 193 8972 for an estimation on any job, no matter how big or small.

Inevitably, the change in season means that we spend the majority of our time indoors. With the prospect of spending long and cold nights confined to our living rooms comes the perfect opportunity to get rid of any unnecessary clutter. For example, perhaps you are re-decorating and need to throw away old wallpaper and fittings, or have maybe purchased new sofas or furniture and are at a loss as to how to get rid of the old set? Or, do you simply feel that the time has come to have a good clear-out of those items that seem to accumulate in our homes over time? Those old ornaments and unused and defunct furniture that can so clutter up our valuable space don't have to stay.

Our team at All Your Junk are on hand to help remove any unwanted items from your home, saving you visits to the refuse site and ensuring old furniture can either be given a new home or safely recycled in an environmentally friendly way

Let us help you to gain a tranquil and uncluttered living space to enjoy for a long time to come!

Many of us dread a visit to the loft; rooting through masses of unnecessary items to find our much needed possessions can become a tiresome chore, but it doesn't have to be. If your loft space has become horrendously cluttered with loose ends, filled with old relics that you don't have the time or inclination to clean out and throw away, then look no further than All Your Junk. We can transform your loft from a graveyard of useless odds and ends into the practical and handy storage space that it was intended to be. Most importantly, a thorough clear-out of unneeded  junk leaves you free to store other important items above stairs, saving space in the bedroom and other areas of the home. Free up your wardrobe this winter by storing your summer clothes safely in the loft, ready for when the warmer weather rolls back around!

With the cold weather, you may be thinking about keeping your family car stored in the garage; we are all aware of the damage that the elements can inflict on a vehicle. Rain and snow can wreak havoc on a car's bodywork and systems, and strong winds carrying dirt or debris can bring additional danger. Unfortunately however, the garage is often one of those rooms that is consigned to holding the majority of those items that we are unwilling to throw away. This can be compounded by the fact that a garage is often rarely visited, and consequently unwanted junk can steadily build up over the passing years. Ancient and unwanted mechanical parts, old tools, and empty pain pots are often a common feature in the modern domestic garage. As with any other room in your home though, All Your Junk is on hand to help. We can help you downsize, remove and recycle all manner of unwanted objects that may have collected in your garage over time; allowing you to make the best practical use of the space, and finally store your family's precious car in a safe and convenient place.

Outside of the home, the garden is a space that is often neglected during the colder months. It is therefore important to ensure that it is fully prepared and cleared of unnecessary objects and waste, otherwise it can easily build up and cause a great deal of tedious and time-consuming in the following spring. However, rather than spending what time remains of the warm weather with trips to the dump and back breaking work, why not let All That Junk take care of it for you? If perhaps you have an old set of garden furniture that has seen better days and needs throwing away, we can get safely and efficiently remove and recycle this for you. Perhaps the kids are growing up, and those old garden swings and see-saw sets that once saw so much use are now neglected and forgotten, hidden from sight behind the shed? We can clear these out with minimal fuss, saving you the effort. We may even be able to pass these on to charity, ensuring that they continue to be loved for years to come! And for those keen gardeners amongst us who spend so many joyful summer hours pottering outside; we can help by removing any green waste that has accumulated after you cut back the hedges and trim the plants in preparation for coming summer, helping to ensure that your garden is fully ready for the change in season.

Garden Clearance - Before and After Shot

As we have unfortunately already said goodbye to those long summer evenings spent outside in the garden; this does not mean, however, that we must also let our valuable garden furniture be consigned to rot and decay from oncoming inclement weather. It is in this situation that the humble garden shed can be transformed from a veritable graveyard of junk into an excellent storage facility. Too many sheds across the country are filled with those useless items of junk collected over the years, that we just never get around to throwing away. Fortunately, All Your Junk is here to help change this. We can make sure that your garden shed is emptied of collected items that no longer serve a purpose; finally giving you an effective and practical storage space to keep garden furniture, valuable kid's toys, and of course the barbeque, safe and in good condition for many years to come.